In The Dark of Night

In the dark of night
Those small hours
Uncertain and anxious
I need to call you


A couple of months ago my friend Martin Toro, who is a movie director, asked me to pose for a photographic project for him. This is the result ^

I’m in love especially with the 2 last ones.

To see more of this project check out his tumblr 


"Ela disse que tinha medo que ele se perdesse nessa viagem, a caminho desse país enorme e misterioso. Ele disse que as pessoas de perdem nos lugares mais pequenos, no vazio da alma." José J.Junior

"She said she was afraid he would loose himself in this jorney, to this huge and mysterious country. He said people get lost in the smallest places, the void of the soul." José J.Junior a.k.a chamaefumo

(Poor translation by myself)